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Tuesday Mar 01, 2011

As the US decides to withdraw troops in Afghanistan and hand over charge to President Hamid Karzai, leading political journalist and Boston University Professor, Robert Zelnick, speaks to Anne-Marie Singh about the fatalities of this move.

Tuesday Mar 01, 2011

While advocates would like to see some juvenile offenders given a second chance, many families and loved ones of murder victims live with their loss everyday and do not want killers to go free.
Marilyn Abramofsky is the aunt of 5-year-old Kenny Claudio, who was raped and killed in October 1983 by 14-year-old Matthew Rosenberg, speaks to us about her opinion of the Juvenile Life Without Parole law in Massachusetts. Seated in a wheelchair on the second level of the Hebrew Senior Life Centre in Roslindale, Abramofsky says her pain has not has not healed though 27 years have passed.
Anne-Marie Singh has the story

Tuesday Mar 01, 2011

In the new age of pop culture and electronica, acoustic instruments are being kept alive by connoisseurs of the art. Local musicians have a very special role to play in embalming traditional music and instruments like the harmonica. ‘Hatrack’ Gallagher, from Massachusetts, is one such musician who has been playing the harmonica for over fifty years in various jazz and blues performances.
Anne-Marie Singh has the story

Saturday Feb 26, 2011

My classmate and friend Kristen Stivers is working with me on some blog pieces for an online journalism class. This is a podcast we did for marathon training! Pictures and better stuff to follow. This will be posted on my blog

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